About Us

The Rooted Art team was founded in March of 2015. Originally starting in downtown York Pennsylvania as a brick and mortar store, the business has now grown into an online fine art gallery. Our team takes pride in showcasing high-end pieces along with supporting local artisans and craft-makers.

Our roots began with five artists joining weekly to create and commune together. As time moved forward, three of us began a journey to bring artistic expression to our hometown. Our mission has always been to motivate people from all walks of life, inspiring creativity and positive change.

The Rooted was blessed with many opportunities in the time we spent growing our business in Downtown York. In July of 2016, we displayed our personal artwork in the Pennsylvania State Capitol’s East Rotunda. We also curated/installed work locally for The White Rose Bar & Grill located in York, PA and for The Altland House in Abbottstown, PA. In our gallery space, we hosted a total of twenty gallery openings that celebrated local artists and high-end art on the same walls. We created a safe, inclusive space for open mic nights and other events that served the people of our community. One of the largest blessings, however, was the experience we earned and our continuous growth not only as a team, but as individuals.

Meet the Team

Jessica Flynn
As a published writer, performing poet, painter, film maker, photographer and craft-maker, Jessica practices multiple mediums of artistic expression.
Being a professional painter for over 5 years, Jessica has exhibited her artwork within many galleries and conducts personalized commission pieces for clients. The blessed wife and mother of 3 stays quite busy while dedicating time to her many side projects. Writing for over 2 decades, she was honored to participate in an International Poetry Festival located in Macedonia during the year of 2015. Representing the USA with her husband, Jessica and Dustin brought home the top award in addition to having their performed poetry pieces published. At this present time, she also runs a YouTube channel, Hippie Housewife, and a dread salon called Dread-Ful Heads. She enjoys being one with mother nature, spending time with her family and utilizing her many tools of creativity to express her passionate mindset.

Dustin Nispel
Dustin Nispel is an International award winning poet and visual artist born of York. His visual work is based in Surrealism working with a variety of mediums. His art has been displayed in galleries throughout Pennsylvania. He is Author of The Tower, a full collections of poems. Dustin has worked with many charities and education centers coaching and judging poetry competitions as well as visual art. His works whether poetry or art is always profound and thought provoking.

Carrie Lee
Carrie has earned an Associates Degree in Art & Design from Harrisburg Area Community College and a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from York College of Pennsylvania. She has shown her work in local galleries and curated/installed artwork in the Pennsylvania State Capital’s East Rotunda for Marie B. Wise in May of 2014, 2015, and 2016, as well as displayed personal artwork in July of 2016 and 2017. Carrie’s creative focus has shifted through the years and she now specializes in hand-lettering and custom designs for weddings and events. In addition to being a member of The Rooted team, Carrie owns a design studio located in York, Pennsylvania. Carrie Lee Studio was founded in 2017, taking orders for signs and hosting DIY events.

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